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As a successful entrepreneur, Jessica Fialkovich knows what it takes for small businesses to succeed and grow into valuable, sellable assets.

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Jessica Fialkovich, Entrepreneur, Small Business Advocate

Jessica Fialkovich is the President and Owner of Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado (TBA) and Co-Owner of MOD Assistants. She has been perfecting the art of building and selling small businesses for many years. Prior to her success with Transworld and MOD Assistants, she founded, built and sold a number of companies, including the Wine Education Institute in Denver and Decanted in Naples, Florida. Now she speaks to audiences, large and small, to address the stumbling blocks involved in the process.

Those stumbling blocks manifested throughout her ten plus years journey in the practice of selling businesses. Jessica tuned into the uncertainty that many small business owners had when exiting their company. She then made a goal to help them navigate the system, avoid wasting time and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Jessica co-founded Transworld Business Advisors Colorado office with her husband, Al, after seeing a need in the small business community for a service-dedicated business brokerage firm. Transworld assists small business owners in the process of buying or selling a business in the Rocky Mountain region. It is also her competitive drive and focused commitment that has enabled Transworld to become one of the top business brokerage firms in Colorado. Her offices are consistently ranked as top offices in the Transworld franchise system, achieving number one status in 2016 and 2017 out of 150+ locations worldwide. In 2018, Jessica added offices in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins to expand the reach of the firm beyond Denver and Boulder.

With her extensive expertise, Jessica has developed her own methods for helping small businesses on how best to position their business for acquisition through her newly launched program Prep to Sell. Prep to Sell is a one-on-one consulting process for organizations that support small businesses through education, events, and content. This program was developed over a year ago and has already seen success by increasing the worth of a company by 100%.

Jessica attributes the incredible success she has achieved to her love of Colorado, and her passion is to create opportunities for people to live life as they define it. She believes that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but are currently underserved and underrepresented in the civic arena. Jessica’s passion for community is what inspired her annual Charity Ascent; a fundraiser hosted by Transworld that benefits small business development in Colorado. Jessica’s overarching mission is to advocate for small business growth in the Rocky Mountain Region through active business leadership and strategic community engagement.

Known for her hard work and dedication, Jessica was recognized as a finalist for the Denver Business Journal’s prestigious 2017 Outstanding Women in Business. Jessica was born and raised in New Jersey before settling in Colorado and holds an International Business Degree from the College of New Jersey. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Al and dog, Sailor. Jessica is a lover of nature, Colorado and the outdoors. If you don’t find her on a hiking or ski trail, she’s most likely attending a Bruce Springsteen concert with her two sisters!

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