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As a successful entrepreneur, Jessica Fialkovich knows what it takes for small businesses to succeed and grow into valuable, sellable assets.

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Speaker, Entrepreneur

Small Business Advocate

After successfully establishing, growing and selling multiple small businesses of her own, Jessica decided to share her guidance and insight with other entrepreneurs, co-founding Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado and MOD Assistants.

Improving Business

Over the course of her career, Jessica has developed her own highly effective methods for improving, reshaping and redefining the mission and goals of struggling small businesses, and now she is sharing these methods with audiences!

Speaking Topics

Growth Through Acquisition

Double Your Business Overnight

Learn how to identify, value and close opportunities to purchase a competitor or similar business to transform and grow your company overnight.

Prep to Sell

Exit on Top

When you’re ready to sell, you shouldn’t be forced to leave with less than what you deserve. Prep to Sell can help you exit on top!

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A Business Revolutionary

Jessica Fialkovich has perfected the art of founding, building and selling small businesses.

As the president and owner of Transworld Business Advisors of Colorado and co-owner of MOD Assistants, Jessica has uniquely positioned herself as both a successful entrepreneur and in-demand speaker and consultant, providing valuable insight and expertise in growing a business into a valuable, sellable asset. Known for her work ethic and the results she has been able to achieve, Jessica was recognized as a finalist for the Denver Business Journal’s prestigious 2017 Outstanding Women in Business.

A Track Record of Success

Prior to her success with Transworld and MOD Assistants, she founded, built and sold a number of companies, including the Wine Education Institute in Denver and Decanted in Naples, Florida. Her competitive drive and focused commitment has enabled her Transworld franchise to become the top business brokerage firm in Colorado and consistently one of the top Transworld offices in the world. Jessica also believes that small businesses are underserved and underrepresented in the civic arena, which drives her community activities and support for small businesses in Colorado. In 2014, Jessica also founded the Charity Ascent, which raises funds for non-profits in Denver that serve the entrepreneurial community.

“Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important to me! Running a business is like running a marathon, you need a fully rested body and mind each day to be able to tackle the race.”

Jessica Fialkovich

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